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Dafydd writes,

>I was under the impression that the Titans also had a stronghold at
>Kilimanjaro in east Africa.

  I'd lumped it under the category of "Titans-controlled newtype labs,"
but yeah, it's probably rather better fortified than Murasame's or
Augusta's facilities. Tally it with New Guinea as a terrestrial Titans
base, then.

>Most of my references are packed up pending the move to Portland OR, now
>set for 29 February, but as I recall the Titans were based (or, at least,
>had a strong presence) in Granada on the Moon, Luna 2 and Gryps in Side 7
>(L3), Kompeitoh (formerly Solomon) in Side 1 (L5), Zedan's Gate (formerly
>A'Bao'A'Qu) in Side 3 (L2), Pezun in Side 2 (L4), Papua in New Guinea,
>Kilimanjaro in Africa and Jaburo in South America.

  No, that's the laundry-list of places where the Federation or its
vendors produce mobile suits (as reflected by Z-era model numbers). Only
a couple of these are Titans bases. In fact, halfway through the series
they try to drop a colony on Granada in order to eliminate this notorious
AEUG stronghold.

  Here's the rundown of the model number prefixes...

  10* Granada RMS-106 Hizack
  11* Luna Two RMS-117 Galbaldy Beta
  12* Solomon (Kompei Island)
  13* A Bao A Qu (Gate of Zedan) RX-139 Hambrabi
  14* Pezun RMS-142 Xeku Eins
  15* New Guinea base RMS-154 Barzam
  16* Kilimanjaro base RX-160 Byarlant
  17* Gryps colonies (Side 7) RX-178 Gundam Mark II
  18* Jaburo base RMS-188MD Zaku Diver
  19* Jaburo base RMS-192M Zaku Mariner

  Of these, Granada is where Anaheim's factories are located. Luna Two
and Jaburo are regular Federal Forces bases, defended only by modest
Federation garrisons. Solomon appears to have been abandoned outright -
it's never mentioned again after 0083. Pezun, as per Gundam Sentinel, is
the site of a Federal Forces "top gun"-style pilot academy. That leaves A
Bao A Qu, New Guinea, Kilimanjaro, and Gryps as authentic Titans facilities.

Neil comments,

>I have to say, that seems to be one of the most inefficient ways to suppress
>Zeonist/anti-Federation activility - base them all in the Side 7
(current Side
>controversy not withstanding), which has only one colony to speak of!

  Indeed. And the fact that they had to go to the Zeon Republic to get
their hands on a more strategically-located base kinda suggests that the
mainstream Federal Forces weren't going out of their way to help the
Titans get their job done, eh? ;-)

>No bases in the rest of the Sides, never mind Side 3!

  As per my previous note, the consensus now is that A Bao A Qu remains
near Side 3 after it's given to the Titans, giving them a far more
centrally-located base.

>It just doesnt add up. It'd be like tasking the White House Secret Service to
>suppress all rebellious activities in the US, while basing them in
>DC and little where else.

  Kinda like the FBI. :-)

>Sounds more like a rapid reaction force to go in and suppress whatever
>rebellion pops up, rather than the full-time job jack-booted thug SS types
>that they're supposed to be modeled after or described as.

  Given their remote headquarters, it seems like they'd have a few days'
travel to get to any hotspots. One imagines that they'd have a number of
field agents scattered here and there to take charge of situations and
order the regular Federal Forces around, and a main fleet at Gryps that
could be dispatched to handle really major crises like 30 Bunch...

-- Mark

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