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-Z- wrote:
> -- even the Subject and From lines were unreadable. Could that have been
> yours?

That's not mine. I put the Big-5 and SJIS codes near the end of the body
text, can't screw up From lines. If the From line is unreadable, it's
pretty much garanteed spam.

> CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) character entry has been the Holy Grail of
> data processing since the days of the dedicated word processor. So far,
> ...

Sounds like a long way away. My vintage 1998 made-in-Taiwan pen-pad is
cheap, compatible with any mouse, works smoothly with English versions of
Win95/8, doesn't involve virtual keypad. It learns your handwritting
rather then making you learn its. And it enter CJK codes into the OS, so
it's not application-specific. I.e. it works with existing versions of
Office95/7, Notepad, Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro. For us Asians, CJK entry
is pretty much taken for granted now.

If MS think they can be technically competitive with CJK entry that works
only within IE, Office 2000 and Frontpage, they are in for a big surprise.

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