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Kev K wrote:
> This little guy literally blew my mind. It's everything you'll come to

I was fingering a box at a shop today. At 800 Yens and considering the
size, it's a great deal. Too bad they don't put in some swap in gimmicks
like Guncannon's missle pods. They could have (should have) put in Kondo
style AA guns for arms.

> Virtually all the joints are moveable, including the waist. The only

Really? Is it any more flexible than HGUC Guncannon's waist?

> pointed out during the pictures posted in the gundam perfect web, the tracks
> are fixed and will not move. Very much like the f-91 RXR-44 kit, except

But that's to be expected right? Even with the more expensive and more
detailed Tamiya armour kits, the tracks are molded as a single strip. If
you don't glue the wheels onto the chassis, you can push down on the
finished model and when you push the tank around (remember I was 10 at the
time :) you can make the track move. But of course if you have to glue
the wheels then there's no way.

> The other HG kits have these silly stickers which don't look any good. Why
> Bandai didn't make clear visors for the ealier HG lines like its earlier

well I am just thankful that we don't have to endure another sticker for

> But it's nice change, to see guntank with hayato on the cockpit through the
> visor.(oh I forgot to mention about the cockpit but there's nothing really
> nice to see since the figure have a very silly cylindrical look to it) The

Ugh. the first figure of Hayato, and they screw it up. No wonder he's got
an inferiority complex.

> So here's my review and feel free to send in comments.

Thanks! Nice review.

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