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Fri, 11 Feb 2000 04:33:10 GMT

This little guy literally blew my mind. It's everything you'll come to
expect from a HG kit, but this one is much better. Nice proportions, and
moveability in its joints. In my opinion, the transfer from its design to
the kit is the most accurate among the HG line. It is obviously shorter than
its counterparts but that doesn't mean it won't get your money worth. The
guntank kit is not only detailed throughout but it is also massive. And I
mean MASSIVE. It will not fit back in the box after the construction even
with its shoulder cannon taken out, simply because this guy's lower part is

Virtually all the joints are moveable, including the waist. The only
drawback of this model would have to be its tracks. As someone already
pointed out during the pictures posted in the gundam perfect web, the tracks
are fixed and will not move. Very much like the f-91 RXR-44 kit, except
this one is bigger and much more detailed.

Now there is something worth pointing out about this kit. First, guntank is
probably the only kit in the HG line that sports a clear part for its visor.
The other HG kits have these silly stickers which don't look any good. Why
Bandai didn't make clear visors for the ealier HG lines like its earlier
0080 models, is beyond my knowledge.
But it's nice change, to see guntank with hayato on the cockpit through the
visor.(oh I forgot to mention about the cockpit but there's nothing really
nice to see since the figure have a very silly cylindrical look to it) The
second thing I want to mention is the hidden details on the shoulder
section. Unknown to most people, the shoulder actually consists two separate
parts. The arm unit comes with mechanical engravings on the top of the
shoulder. The other part would be actual shoulder armor. Once the shoulder
armor is put on the arm unit you won't be able to see the detailings
anymore, which is a shame.

Why point out these details? For those who are unfamiliar with the HGUC
line, the guntank is actually the most superior kit in the HG line just
because it has those details we take it for granted in the MG kits. So is
the HG line getting better? Or is this HG version a base model for the MG
version? Who knows but I'm hopping for the latter ;).
So here's my review and feel free to send in comments.

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