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hien Ting Chin wrote:

> Mark Simmons wrote:
> > I just received my (pricey!) special order of the Mekton-based Gundam RPG,
> Ok I've finally decided to try and learn what Mekton is like. But err
> after some surfing, I still have no idea how Mekton is played. I now know
> that an important part of gameplay involves designing mechas, and there
> seems to be a lot of math involved. But I am still missing a lot of basic
> info. Is it played like Warhammer rules or Gundam Simulation rules? I am
> not familiar with real RPG (I once plaed Ultima III on an Apple ][). I
> know games like the old-style war games (Waterloo etc), I know the basics
> of Warhammer and Magic, but I don't really know how real D&D and Mekton
> works?

Mekton, is both a tabletop wargame (like Warhammer) and a Role-Playing Game (like
D&D). As in most RPGs, you build a character by defining certain attributes,
skills, background, etc. There is also a _very_ detailed system of creating your
own mecha. It can also be played as a wargame (like Warhammer), but instead of
using inches to measures distance, range of weapons, etc, it is played on a hex
map (like Gundam Simulation). Right now the latest edition of Mekton (Mekton
Zeta) is currently out of print, but should be back in print sometime soon
(hopefully) and as such you might have a hard time finding it. I don't own a copy
of MZ, just Mekton II (the previous edition). I'd suggest checkting out, as that is the webpage of the makers of Mekton.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email me privately, as this is
somewhat OT.


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