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> Anyone encoding the kanji for "Kidoh Senshi" in Unicode should be advised
> that I made a mistake on my Gundam High Frontier pages.

Err, actually I did mention that mistake twice back on Jan 5 or so. I
think I even sent you the correct phrase of Kido Sensi in both Big-5 and
S-JIS encodings. But since we don't know about any freeware/shareware for
converting between Unicode and existing encodings, I couldn't give you the
correct Ki in Unicode.

Is there a more usable methods for entering Japanese and Chinese in
Unicode now? Right now I use a pen to "draw" Chinese and kanas into Big5
and then if necessary, run convertor programs to convert to GB (for
Chinese) and SJIS (I wrote that one myself, works only for kanas). This
method is reasonably fast for entering short Chinese and Japanese text, I
can do about 15-20 words a minute. The big advantage is that there is a
ZERO learning curve.

There are good freeware convertors within each language, but I haven't
found one for Unicode yet... Wait... NJStar claims to have one:
I will try it some time.

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