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Mark Simmons wrote:
> I just received my (pricey!) special order of the Mekton-based Gundam RPG,

Ok I've finally decided to try and learn what Mekton is like. But err
after some surfing, I still have no idea how Mekton is played. I now know
that an important part of gameplay involves designing mechas, and there
seems to be a lot of math involved. But I am still missing a lot of basic
info. Is it played like Warhammer rules or Gundam Simulation rules? I am
not familiar with real RPG (I once plaed Ultima III on an Apple ][). I
know games like the old-style war games (Waterloo etc), I know the basics
of Warhammer and Magic, but I don't really know how real D&D and Mekton

> As a Gundam info-freak, I don't find it as juicy as Hobby Japan's Gundam
> RPG and One Year War expansion book, which provide cool stuff like charts of

How does the Gundam RPG work? Pretty similar to Mekton? Is it popular in

> characters). And I like the column that recaps Amuro's on-screen exploits,
> tallying mobile suits, planes, and tanks destroyed each episode. But

Hey I think I asked that question when I was a newbie on the list :)

So what's the total? My guess is 140 MS's, 8 MA's (that's easy), 40
tanks, 50 jets, (43 episodes series). Am I close?

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