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>So while the fanboys
>>Nazifying the Zeon, Tomino had already done the honors with the
>> Hey, fanboys didnt Nazify the Zeon, Tomino and his designers did!! I
>>mean geez, look at 0083.
><0083 examples snipped>
>Tomino was not involved with 0083 other than being credited as the original
>creator of Gundam.

And the Nazification of the Zeon began with Gundam 0080, which was also a
non-Tomino production.

I used the word "fanboys" unadvisedly, however, as I was referring not to
fans of anime but to WW2 buffs. The staffs of both Gundam 0080 and Gundam
0083 are rife with war buffs who took the opportunity to blend much WW2
paraphernalia into the Zeon character and mecha designs. They also started
patterning stuff like sidearms and automobiles on real-world examples,
where previously Gundam had distinctively "futuristic" original designs.



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