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Federico Makabenta wrote:

> To anyone, are there equivalents of this in present day Earth? I've heard it
> done on GI Joe - (Sgt. Duke commanding Lt. Falcon and Beach Head) - but I've
> never heard a real life equivalent.

The best example I can think of comes from before and during the American
Revolution. Officers of the 'American line,' that is the militia, were
considered to be a rank below their British line (regular army) equivelents (a
circumstance that greatly annoyed George Washington). Similarly, many British
officers held positions in both lines. Thus, an officer who held the rank of
Major in the British line might be detached to command a loyalist American
militia regiment and as such hold the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the American
line (such as Lt. Col. Patrick Ferguson of the Battle of King's Mountain fame
for any of you history buffs).

Neil Baumgardner

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