Tomonaga (
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 22:57:30 +1300

Is there anyone on this list who could possibly send me the download
items ? Or point me in the direction of a VMS save download site that
has these items ?

I have the Asian DC with no modem and I can't access the RTFA download
site directly, and even if I knew the URL, apparently you can't access
this particular dreamcast site with a PC.

As far as I know there are 6 download items that are presently
available for the game...

1 - Beam spray gun
2 - Generator upgrade
3 - Graphic data
4 - Prototype beam rifle
5 - Luna Titanium Armour upgrade
6 - Production beam rifle

I have item #1, and I have been searching all over the internet to get
the rest of the items but so far without much success.

I found two Chinese VMS download sites that listed the items but after
downloading, I discovered that who ever uploaded the original files
uploaded the beam spray gun file as the rest of the items by mistake,
and on top of that both sites had the same exact files...

Here are the aforementioned sites:
 Egg's VMS Club and Joey

Alternatively could someone, inform them of the mistake and ask the
original contributor to upload the correct files ? (The two sites are
all in Chinese)

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you.


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