Robert Ludvig (
Wed, 09 Feb 2000 22:20:39 PST

So while the fanboys
>Nazifying the Zeon, Tomino had already done the honors with the
> Hey, fanboys didnt Nazify the Zeon, Tomino and his designers did!! I
>mean geez, look at 0083. The black leather uniform coat that Delaz wore
>(Rommel, anyone?), the Afrika Korps-like uniforms (look at the caps!!!!)
>the Zeon soldiers in the desert outpost wore (and their headsets they used.
> I cant remember in any other Gundam series where these things were used.
>They made the already Afrika Korps - like soldiers look like German WWII
>tankers) Even the sidearms Delaz's guard were carrying about looked like
>MP-40 "Schmeissers" Not to mention the Zeon Flag in the opening........

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