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>>'hoshi' in this sentence is ambiguous. Could be a star or a planet. But
>>in either case, the Turn X appears to have come from outside the solar
>>system. (If I recall correctly wasn't a 10th planet discovered beyond
>>Pluto a few years back?)
>Yeah, there was, but seeing how that the don't consider Pluto a planet
>anymore by definition, we really got eight.

Actually, Pluto is considered a double planet: Pluto/Charon. There are
some who think Pluto would be better classified as a large asteroid or
comet rather than as a planet. Some consider it to be the largest of the
Kuiper Belt objects (also known as Trans-Neptunian Objects). There is
considerable merit to the latter position, but historically Pluto has been
classified as a planet and it is likely to remain so, as witness this IAU
press release:


The "Planet X" notion goes back quite a ways, too:


And, since 1983, we've got a new contender, a dark star called Nemesis
that's supposedly responsible for cyclical swarms of potential


The ambiguity of the word "hoshi" lends itself to either explanation,
although the specification of "X" suggests the old Planet X trope.


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