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>One Question...
>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>
>> As for their integration into the Federation rank and file, the
Titans are
>> pretty much autonomous. They're considered elite forces and have a lot of
>> leeway to requisition any conventional forces they find hanging around.
>> the Specials in Gundam W, they're considered to be two ranks higher
than the
>> equivalent conventional forces - so a Titans major has the same status as a
>> Federal Forces colonel. (Thus, Major Jamican can pull rank on Lt. Colonel
>> Bright.)
>To anyone, are there equivalents of this in present day Earth? I've heard it
>done on GI Joe - (Sgt. Duke commanding Lt. Falcon and Beach Head) - but I've
>never heard a real life equivalent.

The special forces whose ranks are two steps higher than the regular forces
has a real-world equivalent. The Waffen SS had just that relationship to
the Wehrmacht in the German Army under the National Socialist Party. They
also wore similar uniforms, on both counts. So while the fanboys were
Nazifying the Zeon, Tomino had already done the honors with the Federation....

As to someone of lesser rank commanding someone of higher rank, well, yes
and no. In the American military, command follows a very clear chain based
on the organization to which the respective individuals are assigned. In
the absence of such an organizational structure, as with members of a joint
operation who have been cut off from their organizations and are without
communication or have become prisoners of war, command devolves to the
highest ranking person on the scene, regardless of service. If two or more
members are of the same rank, seniority is determined by time in service,
followed by time in grade, followed by chronological age.

There are situations where the senior ranking person may defer to one of
lesser rank in matters of expertise -- assigning a commando or ranger to
take charge of the party in the field or deferring to a medical officer
with regard to a quarantine -- but the senior officer or NCO is still
considered to be in command and is ultimately responsible for any outcome.


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