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Neil writes,

> BTW, while we're on the subject, does it appear that the
> Federation does not actually have a military presence in Side 3 after the OYW,
> leaving that responsibility to the puppet Zeon Republic?

  So it would seem. After all, the Zeon Republic is allowed to maintain its
own space fleet, not to mention retaining control of A Bao A Qu. One
suspects it's akin to the Japanese Self Defense Force.

> Also, another question on the Titans. What indications do we have of their
> chain
> of command and/or integration into the Federation military structure. Are they
> all concentrated in Side 7, or would Titan units also have been/were stationed
> on the Earth, Moon, other sides, etc? I suspect the latter because of their
> mission. If they are so distributed, do they report to the larger federation
> district or fleet command in that region, or are they totally independent,
> taking commands only from Ohm and Heiman (I again assume the latter)? Also, is
> there any indication of non-MS Titan units, like Magellan battleships or
> Salamis under their command (although the latter can carry MS).

  What a mouthful!

  In general, the Titans appear to have a pretty small number of ships at
their disposal. Aside from the Dogos Gear and a couple of Alexandria-class
cruisers, they're pretty much obliged to scrounge up ships from wherever
they can get them. For example, they commandeer the Bosnia from Luna Two to
assist in the pursuit of the Ahgama, and borrow ships from the Zeon Republic
for Operation Apollo. In the latter case, since the borrowed ships launch
Titans Hizacks, it seems pretty clear they have more mobile suits than

  As for their integration into the Federation rank and file, the Titans are
pretty much autonomous. They're considered elite forces and have a lot of
leeway to requisition any conventional forces they find hanging around. Like
the Specials in Gundam W, they're considered to be two ranks higher than the
equivalent conventional forces - so a Titans major has the same status as a
Federal Forces colonel. (Thus, Major Jamican can pull rank on Lt. Colonel

  The Titans are based at Gryps, and aside from the various newtype labs
that they supervise, they have few other bases in the Earth sphere until
they get their hands on A Bao A Qu. It's indicated that they have a base in
New Guinea, but that's about it.

-- Mark

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