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>Speaking of Morinaga Choko Snacks, GUNDAM AGE (ISBN4-89691-379-5, 1200yen,
>Yosensha) covered the said Gundam mini figure series presented by Morinaga
>in early 80's in page 8-9(color photos), 142-144(interview with Kouichi
>Fujimaki, the planning manager of Morinaga at that time, and the man who
>was behind the very series), and 145(all check-list of Gundam minis included
>in Morinaga Choko Snack and Caramel series, from 1982 to 1987!). It has many
>good articles and photos about the vintage 1YW mobile suits and various
>merchandise of original Gundam, too.

Check out p60 of the Aug 99 issue of Hobby Japan, they have a picture of
the reissued ones. I am not sure if they will be releasing more than
just these 12, apparently 102 such micro models were issued in the 14 years
since the first ones appeared in 1981.


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