Tomonaga (
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 10:57:13 +1300

Turn X finally appeared in Turn A episode 42 'Turn X kidou'
(roughly...Turn X awakens) which aired last Friday in Japan.

Points of note:
- The 'X' mark on the chest is apparently a scar...
- Turn X can break up into 9 parts and attack independently from all
- The 'X' in the name is the Roman numeral for 10.
The origin of the name is given as 'Juban me no hoshi ni yori michi o
magerareta mono' which whose path was altered by the 10th

'hoshi' in this sentence is ambiguous. Could be a star or a planet. But
in either case, the Turn X appears to have come from outside the solar
system. (If I recall correctly wasn't a 10th planet discovered beyond
Pluto a few years back?)

The Turn A series looks set to go on for at least a couple more
months...4 more confirmed episodes + 3 scheduled episodes...


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