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Speaking of Morinaga Choko Snacks, GUNDAM AGE (ISBN4-89691-379-5, 1200yen,
Yosensha) covered the said Gundam mini figure series presented by Morinaga
in early 80's in page 8-9(color photos), 142-144(interview with Kouichi
Fujimaki, the planning manager of Morinaga at that time, and the man who
was behind the very series), and 145(all check-list of Gundam minis included
in Morinaga Choko Snack and Caramel series, from 1982 to 1987!). It has many
good articles and photos about the vintage 1YW mobile suits and various
merchandise of original Gundam, too.

Good old days... I haven't seen the original products you're talking about,
but in late 80's some bakery company in South Korea(Crown, maybe?) manufactured
the bootleg version of Morinaga's Zeta Gundam mini figures, and those goodies
were awesome. I pick up Mk-II, Zeta, Gaplant, Marasai, Hijack, and so on...
but alas, I had to get rid of them to clean up my room several years ago.

Hope this helps,

Sunwook Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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