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>Hmmm... I'd like to ask for info about Silouhette Formula 91's G Cannon
>Magna (F
>Does it use beam weapons? It looks mean...

Here are the specs, courtesy of Burke's Big List o' Mecha:

Type: mobile suit
Head height: 14.3 meters
Base weight: 8.8 tons
Full weight: 22.4 tons
Power generator: 3580kW
Rocket thrusters: 28680kg x 1, 22270kg x 1, 16790kg x 2, 5100kg x 1
Acceleration: 4.00 G
Apogee motors: 58
Armor: Gundarium alloy/ceramic composite
Armament: beam saber x 2, beam cannon x 2, double beam gun x 2, beam rifle x 1

As you can see, it's nothing BUT beam weapons, as one might expect of a
Silhouette F91 MS. The only thing it appears to be missing is a beam shield.


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