Winn Sevilla (
Wed, 09 Feb 2000 08:23:34 +0800

Hmmm... I'd like to ask for info about Silouhette Formula 91's G Cannon Magna (F

Does it use beam weapons? It looks mean...

Tomonaga wrote:

> Most specs for the GM Cannon do not list the beam sabre, and the GM Cannon is
> never shown in the anime using it. However in the game Rise From the Ashes, the
> GM Cannon does have the beam sabre, but it is not clear where it is stored...
> Tet
> Rodrick Su wrote:
> > Now that Mark has put out the excellent drawing of GM Cannon, I have a small
> > question to ask. Since GM Cannon shares 60% of parts with GM, does it have
> > to option to operate a beam saber? I noticed that there weren't a socket on
> > the backpack for the beam saber to store, but surely it doesn't take that
> > much energy to operate one?

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