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Mark Simmons wrote:

> I think Neil was asking about the Zeon Republic - the postwar Side 3
> government that the Axis Zeons are pledged to overthrow.

Right, I was just about to say that.

> I don't think that we ever see the Zeon Republic's soldiers in uniform.
> Their ships appear in Z Gundam - there's a Chibe Kai on display in Hayato's
> museum, and their Musai Kais aid the Titans in a couple of major operations
> - but their soldiers, officers, and mobile suits are never seen.

Ah, that sucks. No wonder I was having such trouble finding a reference to them
in the episode guide. BTW, while we're on the subject, does it appear that the
Federation does not actually have a military presence in Side 3 after the OYW,
leaving that responsibility to the puppet Zeon Republic?

Also, another question on the Titans. What indications do we have of their chain
of command and/or integration into the Federation military structure. Are they
all concentrated in Side 7, or would Titan units also have been/were stationed
on the Earth, Moon, other sides, etc? I suspect the latter because of their
mission. If they are so distributed, do they report to the larger federation
district or fleet command in that region, or are they totally independent,
taking commands only from Ohm and Heiman (I again assume the latter)? Also, is
there any indication of non-MS Titan units, like Magellan battleships or Salamis
under their command (although the latter can carry MS).


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