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Tet writes,

> The Axis Zeons wear exactly the same uniforms as they did in the OYW.
> Nothing has changed for them in the last 7 years, and the very first scene
> in which they appear is quite powerful and memorable.

  I think Neil was asking about the Zeon Republic - the postwar Side 3
government that the Axis Zeons are pledged to overthrow.

  I don't think that we ever see the Zeon Republic's soldiers in uniform.
Their ships appear in Z Gundam - there's a Chibe Kai on display in Hayato's
museum, and their Musai Kais aid the Titans in a couple of major operations
- but their soldiers, officers, and mobile suits are never seen.

Speaking of the Zeon Republic and the Titans, I note an interesting revision
in recent Z Gundam books (like the Asahiya film comics, and Studio Hard's
pilot compendium). You'll recall that, about a dozen episodes into Z Gundam,
the Zeon Republic donates the asteroid fortress A Bao A Qu to the Titans,
who then rename it Zedan's Gate. Whereas previous mapmakers had assumed that
the fortress was relocated to the same area as Luna Two, the recent maps
indicate that it remains in its old location, near Side 3.

  This revision makes sense to me in several respects. First, unlike Axis or
5th Luna, A Bao A Qu is never shown fitted with pulse thrusters for
relocation purposes - and moving a huge asteroid halfway around Earth orbit
would surely be a slow process under any circumstances. Also, it provides
the Titans with a second base that's much closer to the inhabited space
colonies; a second hunk of rock in the middle of nowhere would be rather
redundant. Thirdly, it means that the collision of Axis with Zedan's Gate
(episode 45) happens in the vicinity of Side 3, which makes sense given that
three episodes later Axis is about to crash into the moon.

  As far as I can tell, we never see Zedan's Gate in the same scene as
either Luna Two or the moon, so we have no obvious cues as to its location.
Of the two options, I must say I favor the recent notion that the fortress
was never actually moved.

-- Mark

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