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Rodrick Su wrote:
> > One thing that bugs me about Zeta is most MotWs has no on-screen
> > persona.
> > Notable exceptions are Psycho Gundam, Quebley, Type-100 and Aggaigai (that
> Psycho Gundam, no on screen persona? It and Psycho Gundam Mk. II is the

NO no no, the other way around. Psycho Gundam and Quebley have, most
others have not.

An example: I like the design of Jamul Fin (ZZ), but on screen, it's just
another MOTW that joust for about 5 minutes and then "exit screen right".
In fact, on screen, it behaves almost the same as Methuss (another
interesting design), except Jamul Fin strike terror in the good guys and
Methuss induce laughters from the bad guys and Fa screams a lot.

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