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> From: Chien Ting Chin
> > Yeah, Zeta sort of got Monster of the Week, with new prototype
> introduced
> > every couple of episodes and not returning again. ZZ is even bigger
> One thing that bugs me about Zeta is most MotWs has no on-screen
> persona.
> Notable exceptions are Psycho Gundam, Quebley, Type-100 and Aggaigai (that
> whip guy) (was that in ZZ or Z?), but everything else are like "ohh it's
> so fast... ohh it's so powerful... ohh it's too fast..."

Psycho Gundam, no on screen persona? It and Psycho Gundam Mk. II is the
personification of an Evil Gundam. It does that job much much better than
GP02. Type 100 is not a MotWs mecha, but one that shows up for over 1/2 of
the show, and onto the next show as well. As for Aggaigai, that was meant
to be a visual joke about how wacked out the governor of Tigerbaum colony
was to kept the shell of a never fielded OYW mecha and retrofitted it with
ZZ era technology.

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