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Mon, 7 Feb 2000 18:06:44 -0800

> These are Dry Transfer decals. What you do is cut out the marking and
> it on the model where you want it to go, then rub with the handle of a
> brush or something similar. You have to rub hard and make sure that the
> decals are free of the backing completely before you pull it off, or else
> you rip the decal. While they are a lot of hastle, they still look a heck
> of a lot better than the peel and stick, but I still wish Bandai would
> someday do some wet transfer decals...

You could apply the dry transfers to a blank decal sheet (pretty readily
available from model shops), then apply a coat of that MicroSol liquid decal
film. Then you've got your waterslide decals. :) In either case, as a
couple of other people mentioned, a clear coat will help protect the decal
(also note, waterslide decals are best applied to a glossy surface, the
smoother the better).

Peter Savin

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