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Tue, 08 Feb 2000 01:16:07 GMT

>Sorry if this is not the proper forum to post model-related questions, but
>didn't know if there was a specific model mailing list. Anyways, I just
>finished building my first Master Grade model, a Rick Dom, and I had a
>question about the two sheets of decals that came with the kit. One of
>these sheets is a 'normal', peel-off and stick it on type sheet, but I am a
>bit puzzled as to how to apply the second sheet of decals. At first I
>thought it was the old school 'immerse-in-water' and wait kind, but a test
>on a small section didn't seem to do anything. Does anyone out there know
>how to apply these? Is there some kind of heat transfer process?

These are Dry Transfer decals. What you do is cut out the marking and place
it on the model where you want it to go, then rub with the handle of a paint
brush or something similar. You have to rub hard and make sure that the
decals are free of the backing completely before you pull it off, or else
you rip the decal. While they are a lot of hastle, they still look a heck
of a lot better than the peel and stick, but I still wish Bandai would
someday do some wet transfer decals...
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