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Master Asia wrote:
> Sigh.... i miss those old-school water-transfers.

Do you have any of those old-school models still lying around?
Wet-transfers are easy to apply and nicely detailed, but I am not 100%
sure about durability.

The wet-transfers on my CF-18 and M113 are discoloured, petrified or even
simply detached after 10+ year in relatively mild envoirnment (no light,
low humidity, but they got hot in the summer and cold in the winter in
that garage in Toronto weather, perhaps that killed it).

Any oldtime modelers have advice on longterm display and preservation for
models? Obviously direct sunlight is fatal. How damaging is diffused
daylight? Also vapour from Chinese cooking is deadly :)

I don't have any old models with dry-transfers, they look even less
durable than wet-transfers, comments?

I have some old kits around 10 years old and most are still in great shape.
 My best kits are stored in a closet, coved with a plastic bag. My best
kits were done first with a gloss coat then I applied the decals with
"Micro-Set" and "Micro-Sol", then spayed on a dull coat as a finish.


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