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>The wet-transfers on my CF-18 and M113 are discoloured, petrified or even
>simply detached after 10+ year in relatively mild envoirnment (no light,
>low humidity, but they got hot in the summer and cold in the winter in
>that garage in Toronto weather, perhaps that killed it).
>Any oldtime modelers have advice on longterm display and preservation for
>models? Obviously direct sunlight is fatal. How damaging is diffused
>daylight? Also vapour from Chinese cooking is deadly :)
>I don't have any old models with dry-transfers, they look even less
>durable than wet-transfers, comments?

I'm only 17 but heres the way I see it, when I was about 5 my uncle got me
into modelling with Tamiya motorcycles and I recently sold an old unbuilt one
for 200.00 on eBay!! Anyways, the reason i think bandai picked the dry
transfer is because it leaves less of mark on the models. If you look at a
wet-transfer closely you can tell the edges are still visible and since the
MG series is so 'professional' i guess they felt that that wasn't the best
idea but if it were up to me i would go for wet transfer 95% of the time.

If you're like me and like wet tranfer you can get a generic set of them at a
local model store or HLJ. Tamiya cycles and cars usually use wet-tranfers (i
don't know about now, since I haven't bought one for years).

- Roger

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