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ugh... forgotten reply...

Rodrick Su wrote:
> Gee. And lets analyze the most Super Robotish Gundam, Mobile Fighter G

Interesting... Well I can't comment on AC Gundam, haven't seen any...

> story line concentrating on the fight. If more people can just put Gundam
> out of their mind, G Gundam is probably the best executed story-wised of all
> of the 3 alternative timeline.

Well G Gundam came out in 94, you can't very well just make a classical
Super Robot copy and slap in some Gundam-looking designs right? You see
many other non-mecha series in the 90s that are variously evolutions and
revolutions of their respecitve genres too. Some are true innovations,
most are not.

> Well, it was a stretch to ask viewers to keep sequential and complex
> storyline from week to week in a MoTW type show, which Mecha were generally
> considered as. Sure, there are super complicated storyline like Captain

Well it's a problem that plague everything else too, anime or life-action,
East or West. A first run show can't ever get a weekdays or daily
showing. Why? Because a network can't risk having a timeslot bombs for
THE WHOLE WEEK. Why? Because audience attention are too valuable. The
result? We have shows after shows that doesn't demand audience attention.
Kinda ironic huh?

Perhaps 0079 was a fluke, perhaps most TV masterpieces are a marketing
fluke or mistake. Bladerunner lost money for a bunch of initial investors

> Yeah, Zeta sort of got Monster of the Week, with new prototype introduced
> every couple of episodes and not returning again. ZZ is even bigger

One thing that bugs me about Zeta is most MotWs has no on-screen persona.
Notable exceptions are Psycho Gundam, Quebley, Type-100 and Aggaigai (that
whip guy) (was that in ZZ or Z?), but everything else are like "ohh it's
so fast... ohh it's so powerful... ohh it's too fast..."

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