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*VERY IMPORTANT: it is prefered that you use a semi-gloss/gloss paint if you
don't plan to use any type of overcoating because flat paint will leave
scratch marks.

Sigh.... i miss those old-school water-transfers.

>>Hi there,
>>Sorry if this is not the proper forum to post model-related questions, but I
>>didn't know if there was a specific model mailing list.
>There's a model section under the rec.arts. newsgroup, but if it's Gundam-
>related, it's fair-game here. Better than the off-topic posts we see here.
>>Anyways, I just
>>finished building my first Master Grade model, a Rick Dom, and I had a
>>question about the two sheets of decals that came with the kit. One of
>>these sheets is a 'normal', peel-off and stick it on type sheet, but I am a
>>bit puzzled as to how to apply the second sheet of decals. At first I
>>thought it was the old school 'immerse-in-water' and wait kind, but a test
>>on a small section didn't seem to do anything. Does anyone out there know
>>how to apply these? Is there some kind of heat transfer process?
>>thanks in advance,
>It's a rub-on. Cut off the section you want to use, and rub the decal onto
>the surface with a dull pointer (like the eraser end of your pencil).
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- Roger

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