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Mon, 7 Feb 2000 16:49:53 -0500 (EST) wrote:
> thought it was the old school 'immerse-in-water' and wait kind, but a test
> on a small section didn't seem to do anything. Does anyone out there know
> how to apply these? Is there some kind of heat transfer process?

Those are dry-transfer. You use them like Letraset, in case you are
younger and have never seen Letraset <sigh I feel older by the hours>...

Place it on on the model surface, shiny face up, rub the shinny surface
fairly hard all over the decal area. You can use finger nail if your
nails are short but not too short. You can buy a blundishing (sp?) tool
from art supply shop to do the job, it's just a little plastic rod with a
curved surface at one end.

The decals are very easy to break during application, once you start, you
have to finish completely before you move the decal sheet. Even the
slightest movement will break it. The large or long ones on curved
surface are especially dangerous. You have to practice a few times
(preferably on a surface that has the same paint or coating as your model)
before you try it on your expensive Dom.

Have fun!

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