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> How about the characters? I know Tomino tends to use similar character
> archetypes over and over for his series, but would you say there is a good
> focus on character interactions and emotions? If it's low key like 0080 I
> wouldn't mind.

    Well, it's not really obvious. As for character interaction and stuff, I
think it's pretty typical of Tomino's show, i.e. it's there but not a whole

> 1/4 of the way through? I think the series has already passed the forty
> episode mark and it's still going.

    But the HK copies I had is only up to episode 16 back in January....

> From the episode summaries I've seen, it looks to be a slower paced
> show--still could be good, though. I'm still attracted to its world
> design--very fanciful.

    It's pretty slow pace, but I guess I can get used to it. I still don't
really like the setup, since I don't believe the main character's side can
win, even with Turn A and stuff simply because they are so outdated in terms
of technology....

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