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Neil Baumgardner writes,

> I just searched through r.a.a.models and the info is coming from Probe. He
> says
> that the Zaku FZ is going to be replaced by something called the 'Zaku IIF'
> (sounds like the regular MS-06F to me) while the Geelgog Jaeger would be
> replaced by something like the Geelgog A model.

  Bear in mind that Probe doesn't have any special info on this. This is
just his observation - probably inspired by the inclusion of a couple of
Gelgoog Jaeger parts in the Master Grade A-type Gelgoog kit. If anything,
the Jaeger-ization of the MG Gelgoog indicates the lasting popularity of the
0080 version.

  There's really no evidence that the 0080 designs are any less "official"
than ever. They're included in the Gatchapon HG lineup of little rubber
mobile suits, and they keep popping up in videogames and whatnot - all the
mobile suits in Blue Destiny were 0080 versions, and the Mass Produced
Guncannon and GM Sniper II show up in the new Rise From the Ashes.

  The reason why the 0080 designs don't show up in any other animated series
is pretty simple. Every time a new staff takes on a One Year War-era series,
they want to redesign all the classic mobile suits their own way - that's
how we got all the 0080 versions in the first place. It's harmless good fun
for the mecha designers, and who'd begrudge them the opportunity by
insisting they stick to the earlier redesigns?

> IMHO, this idea blows. If its true, I may just disregard it, just like the
> 'Principality' business ('I'm a bona-fide prince!').

  Still, "principality" is a better translation. You could consider Zeon
Daikun to be the prince-in-absentia, with Degin Zabi as his regent. ;-)

> If they just change the stats for those
> two MS, I guess I could accept it. Afterall, the 0080 stats are pretty
> overblown.

  They effectively _did_ change some of the 0080 stats in 0083 - the Rick
Dom II's thrust was halved, and if you consider the Gelgoog Fs as being
equivalent to the Jaeger (its specs are almost identical), then its thrust
was halved as well. Of course, they went on to open a whole new can of worms
with the GP-series Gundams. If they ever do a Gundam 0085, I'm sure we'll
get reduced-specs versions of these as well. ;-)

> IMO, the FZ is a mod or upgrade to already produced Zakus, rather than
> an entirely new model. Surely they knew it would take quite a while to replace
> all the old Zakus with new Doms, so an interim upgrade program makes a lot of
> sense to me.

  Though there's no evidence of this in the original series, wherein all
Zeon's resources were focused on production of new mobile suits rather than
extensive retrofitting of old ones. (And the Zaku FZ supposedly is based on
feedback from the Gelgoog, which was in itself the replacement for the Rick
Dom, which in turn were supposed to have replaced the Zaku II months

> The 0083 F2 could be the same thing,
> although the designation would seem to imply that its the last F model.

  The F2 is indeed the last F-type model... except for the FZ, of course.

  At least the F2 is a simple refinement of the F type, rather than a
radical revision based on technology from the mobile suits that were
supposed to replace it. The F2, like the B3 version of the Gouf, is just an
incremental update of the sort that you'd expect to see during a long
production run.

-- Mark

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