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Hey, didnt realize you were on here too Andrew. Good to have you!

Melinda & Andrew wrote:

> I was reading some posts on r.a.a.models and saw some mention of Bandai
> wanting to remove the Zaku FZ from the timeline. Does anyone know if this is
> true? I know there were glaring inconsistencies with the abilities of the MS
> from 0080 but are they enough to warrant their removal from the official
> timeline?

I just searched through r.a.a.models and the info is coming from Probe. He says
that the Zaku FZ is going to be replaced by something called the 'Zaku IIF'
(sounds like the regular MS-06F to me) while the Geelgog Jaeger would be
replaced by something like the Geelgog A model.

The best way to find this thread would probably be to go to and
search for Zaku FZ. If you find the thread titled 'Future Gundam kits?' that's
it. Incidentally, I've asked Probe there to post the info here if he would.

IMHO, this idea blows. If its true, I may just disregard it, just like the
'Principality' business ('I'm a bona-fide prince!'). I like how Bandai is
setting down the official word on things, but not changes that create
contradictions within the continuity. If they just change the stats for those
two MS, I guess I could accept it. Afterall, the 0080 stats are pretty
overblown. But if they're going to try to ignore that they ever existed,
replaced by other MS with different looks, I'm not sure I can stand for it.

> I thought the designs in 0080 were supposed to be limited runs, prototypes
> even, produced right at the end of the war; the end of the war obviously
> cancelled any requirement for mass production facilities. Personally, I like
> the 'look' of the Zaku FZ, Rick Dom II, and Gelgoog J (I think?). Opinions?

Agreed. However, as Mark has noted, the Zaku FZ at the least has continuity
problems, being a new model that appears after production should have shifted to
the Dom. IMO, the FZ is a mod or upgrade to already produced Zakus, rather than
an entirely new model. Surely they knew it would take quite a while to replace
all the old Zakus with new Doms, so an interim upgrade program makes a lot of
sense to me. It is the 'Kai' afterall, which as we discussed earlier, means
modified (unless I've screwed it up again). The 0083 F2 could be the same thing,
although the designation would seem to imply that its the last F model.


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