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        [snip stuff about 08MST GMs]

> This presents a bit of a conflict. The problem could have been avoided
>by the staff doing their friggin' homework, but instead the continuity
>has been radically rewritten to accommodate 08th MS Team.

        Sometimes I think the staff is sleeping when they did all these..

> It's usually identified as the last production version of the Zaku II -
>meaning it's not a refit, but was actually built like that.

        Haven't thought of it that way before. It does make sense for Zeon
to run a JEP, as this would make servicing all the MSes much easier. But the
Zaku FZ really throws a spanner into the work..

        I'm guessing here, but it might be the producer's intention that
older Zaku IIs are refitted under the JEP to FZ versions, sort of like a
factory refit -- Zaku Fs march in one end of the factory, FZs out the other.

        But the performance increases that the stats proposed almost
certainly meant the FZs are new versions, not refits.

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