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> (snip)... If you can accept all that, it's
> actually a pretty good show. I had no idea how
> convince those two guys to sing the OP and ED (both
> of whom used to be pretty popular)...

Well, Shinji Tanimura (Turn-A's ED singer) is Tomino's
favorite singer/songwriter dated back in the 0079
movie trilogy in 1981, in which one of the theme song
"Cross of Sand" (ED of 0079 movie I) is penned by
Hideki Seijo (singer of Turn-A's OP) is otherwise a
veteran pop singer who used to be a red hot teen-idol
in the 70s and 80s. Now in his 40's, he still has the
voice, the charisma and the popularity in Japan. So
he's natural (although I was a bit surpised he was the
Turn-A vocalist the 1st time around :)


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