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Robert Ludvig writes,

>I thought 08th MST takes place AFTER one of the episodes, one of
>the Zeon characters makes reference to Odessa...

  The end of Operation Odessa takes place between episodes 6 and 7. This
would be November 9, UC 0079. But the series began a month earlier than

  08th MS Team begins on October 6, when the characters watch Giren
Zabi's broadcast eulogy for Garma. At this point in the original series,
the White Base had been on Earth for about two weeks, and had only
recently handed the test data from Side 7 over to friendly forces so that
it could be delivered to Jaburo and used to create mass-produced mobile
suits. The White Base crew first see the GM on November 30, during the
defense of Jaburo, and at first mistake it for a Gundam - so even they
were previously unaware of the GM's existence.

  Yet, when Shiro arrives in southeast Asia in early October, he finds a
fully-equipped corps of 24 GMs and Gundams that has already undergone
several staff replacements. In fact, we're told that team veteran Karen
Joshua has been stationed there for _three months_.

  This presents a bit of a conflict. The problem could have been avoided
by the staff doing their friggin' homework, but instead the continuity
has been radically rewritten to accommodate 08th MS Team.

Lim Jyue writes,

> As for the Zaku FZ, was it explicitly stated as a production model,
>or simply conversion of the normal Zaku F? It doesn't make sense to produce
>Zakus when Rick Doms and Gelgoogs are available, but if Zeon is really
>pressed for MS, they might refit old Zakus to the FZ level.

  It's usually identified as the last production version of the Zaku II -
meaning it's not a refit, but was actually built like that. And it's
supposed to be a product of the Joint Equipment Plan, a scheme to use
common parts in the Dom, Gelgoog, and Zaku. Meaning that it was designed
and produced _after_ the Gelgoog. Even though, as per the original
series, Zaku II production was supposed to end when the Rick Dom was

  However, 0080's actual story details are well-researched and compatible
with the original series. It's best to ignore the "FZ", "Zwei," and
"Jaeger" labels and consider the mobile suits we see on screen to be just
differently-drawn versions of the classics - which was probably the
original intention anyway.

-- Mark

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