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> Basically it's about the Fed's having MS before operation odessa, which
>is where the first GMs where used. But 08th MS team takes place before
>Operation Odessa, and they have GMs(albeit "pre-production", and not the
>regular 0079 GMs). Still, Zaku FZ in 0080 makes even less sense because by
>that time in the war Zeons really had no need for Zakus, they supposedly
>converted all they're assembly lines to Rick-Doms and Gelgoogs already....

        I see.. That would put a major crimp in most timelines, right? 08
MST's GMs didn't really fit into the older, more conventional GMs.

        As for the Zaku FZ, was it explicitly stated as a production model,
or simply conversion of the normal Zaku F? It doesn't make sense to produce
Zakus when Rick Doms and Gelgoogs are available, but if Zeon is really
pressed for MS, they might refit old Zakus to the FZ level.

        Even I, a rabid 0080 fan, must admit that the 0080 MSes are *really*

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