Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 6 Feb 2000 04:55:18 -0800

> I know what you mean. I haven't eaten them for a long long time though...
>I guess the Gundam versions were just like these huh?
>Godzilla series

Very much so, except the boxes were slimmer/taller.

> This is what the Godzilla toy looks like
><http://clubtokyo.simplenet.com/candy/morinaga-candytoy-contents.JPG>Morinaga to

Eek! It looks horrible. Their Gundam micro models are much better. At
least there are movable joints on the mobile suits, but they don't come with
any stands or background plate.

>Being reminded by this toy, I seem to recall all Morinaga 'omake' were
>similar in 'quality', meaning pretty cheap looking. I would be pleasantly
>surprised if the Gundam ones were much better. For 100yen I would imagine
>that they must have looked something like Bandai's Z Gundam series from
>the mid 80s <http://www.bandai.co.jp/candy/03/85/04836.jpg>1985 Z Gundam
>4 and <http://www.bandai.co.jp/candy/03/86/05460.jpg>1986 Best The Z
>Gundam .

This is closer, but the parts are not molded in multiple colors. One thing
I forgot to point out was that these OYW/MSX/MSV micros were _MUCH_ better
and a bit bigger than the ones from the recent shows like Wing or X.

>I guess it would be cool if Morinaga still made them or reissued them. 4
>discarded amphibious MS and MSV designs as well ? Wow!

Yeah, it was awesome when you open one and find a kickass design. I used
to have a pile of those because you never know what you'd end up getting.
The box was unmarked and it was just luck of the draw.


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