Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 6 Feb 2000 04:12:45 -0800

>I was reading some posts on r.a.a.models and saw some mention of Bandai
>wanting to remove the Zaku FZ from the timeline. Does anyone know if this is
>true? I know there were glaring inconsistencies with the abilities of the MS
>from 0080 but are they enough to warrant their removal from the official

Highly unlikely, seeing that the FZ was included in the latest (series 13)
of their HG Gundam Gashapon figures.

>I thought the designs in 0080 were supposed to be limited runs, prototypes
>even, produced right at the end of the war; the end of the war obviously
>cancelled any requirement for mass production facilities. Personally, I like
>the 'look' of the Zaku FZ, Rick Dom II, and Gelgoog J (I think?). Opinions?

If the reason for the FZ's removal was timeline inconsistence, then maybe
they should get rid of everything from The 08th MS Team first.


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