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<< Thanks for the clarification on MSiA! Otherwise
 potential customers will get the wrong idea. >>

Your welcome. I like the MSIA I have a lot. Probe seems to like them a lot,
too. I read his reviews of them when he posted them to rec.arts.anime.models.
His web site, at:
has the reviews of the RX-78, the standard green and Char's Zaku II, the Dom,
and the Gouf MSIAs.

I hope Bandai makes more MSIA's of the other Turn A mecha and other Gundam
shows. About the RX-78's balance problem, I feel I should add a little more
about it. Its not really a problem, until the shield is hooked on to its
back, which makes it back heavy. I was amazed at how detailed the MSIA's are.
Take the RX-78 for example, you can see all the detail on the bottom of the
feet, even the twin thrusters on the bottom of each foot is shown.


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