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<< The MSiAs are only slightly smaller than the 1/144 kits, but nowhere being
 as small as the PalmTop models. Quality is very inconsistent across the
 but for the most part I'd stay away from them unless you just hate putting
 models together or lack the skills to paint and detail a kit (trust me, even
 a beginner could do a better job on the panel lines). >>

  While the quality is inconsistent, the MSIA are worth the money. No, they
are not perfect, but these are mass production items, not pieces of art. They
more durable then a model, but not as durable as toys.

  I have the MSIA Char's Zaku II, Gouf, RX-78 Gundam and Turn A Gundam.
Except for the RX-78, the MSIA's are one item that was money well spent. The
problem with the RX-78, is its arms at the ball jointed shoulders always pop
lose, but are easily poped back on and it has slight balance problems.

  On mine, the panel lines where expertly done and haven't seen a single
mistake anywhere in the panel lines. The lines are hand done, so its not
machine "perfect". They are perfect for someone who doesn't want to/have the
time to build and paint a model kit.

  The Gouf and Turn A are the most durable of the four I bought. My Gouf can
stand on one leg, without any support. I will without any doubts, buy the
rest of the current MSIA's when I can.

  All in all, IMHO, they MSIA's are nice little toys and a nice addition to
any ones collections/displays. They are a mass produced item and it shows,
but this doesn't mean the MSIA's are bad. If you are a hard core modeller,
you could do a better job probably, but the paint jobs are far from bad. I
have done panel lines myself, and the MSIA's panel lines are done better then
the average beginner.

  I have heard some bad stuff about the MSIA's and from mine as a
comparrsion, and it must be that some MSIA's are done better then others.
Quality control at Bandai must be inconsistent or something. I have heard
some that love the MSIA's and some that don't like them. I think its just
because they are mass produced and people have too high of an expection of
the quality of them.



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