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Edward Ju wrote:

> > Sorry, I have no idea. I looked for it all over the place but didn't come
> >up with anything relevant. The Morinaga homepage doesn't even mention it
> >sells chocolates for some reason..
> >
> >What was the original year of release and what kind of toy were included ?
> >Too bad that it wasn't a Bandai release, they've got info on everything
> >released since 1985.
> >
> >This is the only Gundam product related to chocolate that I could find...
> ><>Gundam Chocolate 1987
> Kawaii! The choco-snack I had in mind was very different though. Have you
> ever had Cadbury's Biscuit Finger? It's a milk chocolate-covered biscuit
> cookies. The Morinaga choco-snack is the same thing, except shaped like
> balls instead. Each package comes with two boxes in shrinkwrap - the
> choco-snack is in a longer box while the mini-model is in a box about half
> the height of the snack's. The original ones came out in the early 1980s
> and even includes the four discarded amphibious suits and MSV designs. I am
> pretty sure Morinaga still makes these, as I've gotten some licensed Taiwan
> editions from SD Gundam, Gundam Wing, and Gundam X.

I know what you mean. I haven't eaten them for a long long time though...
I guess the Gundam versions were just like these huh? Morinaga Godzilla series

> >...But I did find a couple of Godzilla stuff from Morinaga. If the Gundam
> >toys are anything like the Godzilla ones, I suppose there's no chance that
> >a similar toy can be found in Bandai's own releases.
> >
> >Tet
> The Palmtop "The Gundam" mini kits can be thought of as enlarged version of
> the Morinaga micro kits, although they take very different approaches to
> joint construction.

This is what the Godzilla toy looks like Morinaga toy
Being reminded by this toy, I seem to recall all Morinaga 'omake' were similar in
'quality', meaning pretty cheap looking. I would be pleasantly surprised if the
Gundam ones were much better. For 100yen I would imagine that they must have looked
something like Bandai's Z Gundam series from the mid 80s 1985 Z Gundam 4 and
1986 Best The Z Gundam .

I guess it would be cool if Morinaga still made them or reissued them. 4 discarded
amphibious MS and MSV designs as well ? Wow!


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