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Sat, 5 Feb 2000 12:49:52 -0800

> Sorry, I have no idea. I looked for it all over the place but didn't come
>up with anything relevant. The Morinaga homepage doesn't even mention it
>sells chocolates for some reason..
>What was the original year of release and what kind of toy were included ?
>Too bad that it wasn't a Bandai release, they've got info on everything
>released since 1985.
>This is the only Gundam product related to chocolate that I could find...
><http://www.bandai.co.jp/candy/03/87/10062.jpg>Gundam Chocolate 1987

Kawaii! The choco-snack I had in mind was very different though. Have you
ever had Cadbury's Biscuit Finger? It's a milk chocolate-covered biscuit
cookies. The Morinaga choco-snack is the same thing, except shaped like
balls instead. Each package comes with two boxes in shrinkwrap - the
choco-snack is in a longer box while the mini-model is in a box about half
the height of the snack's. The original ones came out in the early 1980s
and even includes the four discarded amphibious suits and MSV designs. I am
pretty sure Morinaga still makes these, as I've gotten some licensed Taiwan
editions from SD Gundam, Gundam Wing, and Gundam X.

>...But I did find a couple of Godzilla stuff from Morinaga. If the Gundam
>toys are anything like the Godzilla ones, I suppose there's no chance that
>a similar toy can be found in Bandai's own releases.

The Palmtop "The Gundam" mini kits can be thought of as enlarged version of
the Morinaga micro kits, although they take very different approaches to
joint construction.


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