Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sat, 5 Feb 2000 12:17:06 -0800

>>no, they r generally an inch taller then the
>>gasphons/capsule toys. somewhere in the range of MSiAs
>>(approx 4 inches).
>I thought the MSiA were 1/144 scale, about 6 inches tall, or thats waht one
>store told me, are they really about 3-4 inch 1/220 scale??

The MSiA Gundam stands about 4.5" tall, which puts it in the neighborhood of
1:160 scale. Those PalmTop "The Gundam" mini kits, OTOH, are less than 3.5"
tall and is about 1:220 in scale, basically in the same scale/size as the
MicroGundams. Not quite in the same league as the MSiA toys if you ask me.

>I woulod be very
>interested if they were, otherwise if 1/144, I'll stick to kits, anyone have
>these and tested them for approximate scale??

The MSiAs are only slightly smaller than the 1/144 kits, but nowhere being
as small as the PalmTop models. Quality is very inconsistent across the line,
but for the most part I'd stay away from them unless you just hate putting
models together or lack the skills to paint and detail a kit (trust me, even
a beginner could do a better job on the panel lines).


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