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> Perhaps a question for Eddie...
>Does anyone know the size of these figures ?
> <http://www.gundam.channel.or.jp/goods/gashapon/msselect/>MS Selection

Those are the HG Gashapon prepainted PVC figures, a GM stands at about 3"
tall. Non-scaled, but at approximately 1/250. There's been over a dozen
series already.

and <http://www.gundam.channel.or.jp/goods/gashapon/mas/>MA Selection series

These just came out, haven't got my hands on a live one yet. Should be
about the same size as the capsule figures above.

>Also are the kits in the candy toy series the same as the MS Selection
>series ?
><http://www.gundam.channel.or.jp/jr/syokugan/candy01b.htm>The Gundam ,
><http://www.gundam.channel.or.jp/jr/syokugan/candy02.htm>The Gundam II and

Different items. Not pre-painted, requires more assembly (the gashapon
figures are 2 to 4 pieces that snap together easy. The kits here have parts
that need to be removed from the runner before assembly). They are about
the same size as the MicroGundams and although non-scaled, should be about
1/200 in scale. Stickers are provided, and parts are molded in 2 or more
colors. The mobile suits are not cast in garage kit style poses and
therefore have some articulation advantages over the gashapon figures, but
posability is very basic (at the neck, shoulder, hips and feet).

<http://www.gundam.channel.or.jp/jr/syokugan/candy03.htm>Hyper Gundam

This one is brand new, haven't seen it yet.


>If anyone has first hand knowledge of these mini kits I would appreciate
>any info regarding size, quality etc...

New items added at least once a week! Check out my eBay auctions at:
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