Robert Ludvig (
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 22:23:01 PST

> > Bottom line? If Gundam Wing WAS really good enough, if it was a good
>all the editing and bad dubbing in the world can't mute all its
>if it is truly as good as people say it was. How do you think great stories
>pass the test of time? Let's see if Gundam Wing can do that.

   See, this is where I disagree. Gundam Wing, despite the "Super Robot"
feel many of us get when watching it, is all about plot twists and
characters and how they interact with each other. The "mood" editing is
going to completely destroy that. God, I wish American kids werent so
F*cked up these days that they couldnt deal with some tasteful violence
(yes, there is such a thing) and conflict in a TV show without it warping
their little minds.
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