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Subject: [gundam] Will Wing bring us dissapointment?

> I'm not sure if this was covered, as it probably was, but does anyone else
>think that Gundam Wing will give Gundam a bad name in the states?

I guess it depends, but I think much ado is being made over nothing. We get
prime time Gundam that my youngest nephew could watch, and be ok with (age
six), and midnight Saturday Gundam which I and my older nephew (age 10) can
sit up and see, and enjoy. I think it is very responsible of CN to have
BOTH, thus giving parents, (and Uncles), a "safe" [NO, I don't agree with
it, but I understand it, I won't let my young nephew watch some anime, but
if I find an edit, I let him watch that until I can show him the real thing,
for example, I won't let him see Do You Remember Love yet, but Clash of the
Bionoids is safer.] version for paranoid all anime is hyperviolent porn
types, and a more adult version for FANS, I say cut some slack they are

I for one,
>know that alot of kids watch the Toonami block, and worship Dragonball Z
>Sailor Moon. But what will happen to Gundam once it's known to be a "kid's
>show" by others?

Well, unless they are ignorant of the unedited midnight show I don't know,
but given that both are out there, I think Gundam has a better chance than
say Macross, which is doomed to always br crappy Robotech, rather than
classy anime.

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