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> << I'm not sure if this was covered, as it probably was, but does anyone
> think that Gundam Wing will give Gundam a bad name in the states? I for
> know that alot of kids watch the Toonami block, and worship Dragonball Z
> Sailor Moon. But what will happen to Gundam once it's known to be a
> show" by others? >>
> I wish there was someway to ensure that Wing Gundam and any future
> that will be released in the US, to keep it in its original. Sci-fi
> should be the one to air Gundam, then it wouldn't be edited. Is Bandai
> pushing to make Wing a kiddie show in the US or something? This is the
> feeling I get from hearing how M-F will have its violence edited and
> character "mood editing". The "mood editing" is what scares me.

Well, Robotech was edited to death but at the time, it was (and still is, in
my opinion) a very groundbreaking show, at least in terms of what has been
broadcast on American TV so far. It still had many controversial scenes that
made it to TV--Lisa/Misa getting drunk at a bar, a soldier covering a girl
up before being hit by the explosion, etc. And the death of Roy is still one
of the best and mature handlings I've seen on children's TV so far. There
are quite a few cartoons that have shown deaths by now, from Superman to
X-Men, etc. But Robotech still stands tall.

Bottom line? If Gundam Wing WAS really good enough, if it was a good show,
all the editing and bad dubbing in the world can't mute all its benevolence,
if it is truly as good as people say it was. How do you think great stories
pass the test of time? Murasaki Shikibu's Tale of Genji has probably been
reworded and changed so many times, as has many other great literary
classics. But they still stand up. Let's see if Gundam Wing can do that.


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