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> Having something dubbed isn't the problem, its when the dub is bad, that
> makes me dislike a dub. SRW has voice? If Square translated the SRW games,

    Yes, as all of the SRW after the 4th Super Robot War on Playstation, all
other SRW games on Saturn, Playstation or the upcoming Dreamcast has voice
(as in the original CV of the anime show. However, there would be a couple
of changes here and there because the CV isn't available.)

> there wouldn't be anything wrong with the dub. They could have an game
> setting to turn dubding off and turn on English subtitles. An English

    Well, Square is one of the better ones out there, but some of the stuff
is really hard to translate. Ever played a SRW game? Some of the things they
say during an attack made little sense in Japanese, let alone English. And
there are some words that are just too "hard and complicated" to translate
to English, like those attacks in G Gundam.... Besides, one of the selling
point of SRW is they make the player feel they are watching their favorite
shows. Out of the many shows from SRW, only a handful made it to the US
(Dancougar, Macross (in the upcoming SRWA), EVA, Gunbuster and a few Gundam
shows). Besides, do you know how much the licensing would cost?

> of a Japanese game, always seems to be well done. The company that
> Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete in the US did an excellent job of

    Maybe for that game (I didn't play the US version of Lunar), but there
have been some horrible dubs games out there, like the voices in Star Ocean
2. Game companies don't have the money to hire good voice actors/actresses,
you know. Look at the companies that release anime in US - not all of them
can dub an anime well, so how can you expect game companies to release a
game like SRW, which has a pretty narrow audience (anime based and it's
basically a strategy/RPG game)?

> it. They could bring SRW to the US. I am seriously considering putting my
> into learning Japanese. Would it be worth it to learn Japanese?

    If you watch a lot of anime or play a lot of import games, sure....

Edmund Chiu

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