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> << Cartoon Network airs cartoons. They don't translate and dub them. I
> you mean DIC or Funimation.
> Actually, sometimes you *must* rewrite a sentence for it to sound
> in english. 100% accurate translation is impossible without the dialogue
> sounding dopey. How would it have sounded in Mononoke Hime if Claire
> yelled, "No! I don't want to turn into a Tatara-gami!!" Hell, there are
> spots in the film that still sound hokey in and of itself. >>
> BTW, who is the ones that are editing Wing, anyway?
The company who dubs them, Bandai, will probably be the ones who edit for
violence and such. They would have to, because they are the only ones who
can edit properly without making any plot mistakes, since networks don't
always watch a series through before they air it. Mostly, a network will
only cut scenes to make room for commercials. Pokemon is cut by Summit Media
Group, not Kid's WB. Sailor Moon was cut by DIC.


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